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Everyone I Know Has an Album


Alright, a zillion things have come out by friends of mine in the music world and I have completely dropped the ball in terms of re-blogging and plugging their amazing stuff, so let’s say better late than never and break it down!

Thomas Ferkol is a fellow Homestuck music team member whose talent and proficiency as a producer I have mentioned before. His new album, The Earthen Scar, is a mysterious journey through soundscapes that blend orchestral textures with foreboding synths and percussion. If you enjoy his work with Homestuck (“Bargaining With the Beast”, “Galactic Cancer”) I think you’ll find that this album strongly reflects the same dreamy character that has made his tracks so memorable.

Screamcatcher, the dubstep / electro house outfit of Homestuck musician Robert Blaker, has released its second full-length album Do Without. It’s an adrenaline-fueled dance record with some sure-fire raver hits and a few surprises along the way. The record is largely wordless (the few exceptions include the climactic title track) and is easy to imagine woven into a DJ set, which is exactly the kind of thing you can witness if you catch him live in Chicago. 

Last but not least I’ve got to mention The Adaptie Boys, a new team up between Astro Kid and multi-instrumentalist Gabe Alvarez. Their EP, Spies & Ghosts, is a mix of hip-hop and electronica exploring the world of angry ghosts, chill astronauts, and dick-punching spies. Every track seems to come from a different Saturday morning cartoon gone truly wrong, and it’s the bomb.

One more thing to plug that isn’t an album just yet - RJ Lake has done the soundtrack to an utterly chaotic and charming multiplayer game called Omegalodon which involves environmentalists hijacking planes and a 100-foot-tall blue shark monster. If you buy it or download the demo, you can not only hear RJ’s amazing soundtrack full of retro goodness and beatboxing, but you can also stand a chance at playing with me in person since the online community for the game has only just begun.