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okay so i did some math if there was a homestuck vinyl release


because i’m out of my mind or just have too much time on my hands. anyway.

so i wanted to figure out about how much it would cost if all the homestuck albums were released on vinyl.

note: i’m ONLY counting the actual volume soundtracks. not in any way to discount the side albums, just… yeah, you’ll understand why i didn’t count them in a little bit.


so if my math isn’t completely and totally wrong here.

altogether, at this moment, volumes 1 through 9 have a total of about 11, 12 hours of music.


and a 12 inch vinyl record can hold about 45 minutes altogether (counting both sides).

basically, that means it would take between 15 and 16 records to hold all of the music that is on volumes 1 through 9.

now comes for the fun part.

to format a vinyl record pressing plate (including mastering, cutting, plating, all that shit) is about $200 USD.

soooooo not taking into account of any sort of packaging costs, album art, etc, in order to even MAKE a homestuck vinyl release at this point in time would be about a $3000 USD investment.

which brings me down to the final point of this post. if there were vinyl records of volumes 1 - 9 to be released right now (not accounting for any future releases) it would probably cost about $300 USD to buy for the whole set, so roughly $20 USD per.

….god dammit vinyl, y u gotta be so expensive.