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Free concert photo set 3/6. Taken by Tavia Morra on February 25 in Austin, TX.

Lookit Mark. He just looks sooooo happy.

Maybe a little too happy…

good pictures

(yes I am the happiest)

This is a good photoset.

Homestuck Volume 9


It’s here - the long awaited ninth volume of Homestuck’s soundtrack has dropped, and surprise, it’s the longest one yet! All the familiar names return to bring you this over 2 hour and 46 minute opus of new songs inspired by Act 6 of Homestuck. The best part - you can purchase a copy for just $11.11, making this the most cost-effective Homestuck album yet!

If you’re a True Bowliever there’s plenty for you to be happy about - over 23 minutes of my newest material is on this record spread over 8 tracks! Let me break it down for you:

  • Another Jungle”, previously featured in excerpt in a pivotal flash, swings into action. The theme to the Alpha version of Sburb, this is a new song spun from the same web as “Sburban Jungle” and represents the latest evolution of the game.
  • GameGrl (Original 1993 Mix)” provides the vintage girl-gamer alternative to GameBro in this retro-sleeze 90’s house track! Tavia Morra provides digitally-altered vocals as the iconic GameGrl while Erik Scheele cameos for a cringe-inducingly-cheesy keytar solo.
  • Minihoof’s Adventure” is the next in the line of so many songs I have shamelessly devoted to the farcical white ponies of Homestuck fame. This time it is dedicated to the miniature equine friend that enigmatically hangs around on Dirk Strider’s desk.
  • Elephant Gun” is a rollicking Jake English strife theme fit for any true adventurer. This track never lets up on the adrenaline, because when monsters lurk constantly behind your back, you can never once let your finger off the trigger.
  • Busting Makes Me Feel Good” is the theme to the bargain-bin liscensed CD-rom classic Ghostbusters 2 MMORPG. When the game’s Ogg-based video intro loads up, this dance anthem pumps you and your friends for some serious ghost busting.
  • iRRRRRRRRECONCILA8LE” is the explosive and short-lived theme to the explosive and short-lived amalgam Tavrisprite. Tavros and Vriska’s respective instruments, acoustic and electric guitar, collide to create this Spanish power-metal jam. Features guitar by Thomas Ferkol.
  • I’m a Member of the Midnight Crew (Post-Punk Version)” takes the 103-year-old Eddie Morton rag and injects it with a long overdue dose of pure evil, 1977 Berlin style. Erik Scheele appears on piano and Mark Nabors plays theremin and accordian.
  • The bonus track “Another Countdown” appears if you purchase the album and provides the Sburb Alpha approach to the “Sburban Countdown” theme which ended Act 1 so long ago. It provides a great little final ending to the album for those who dare to listen to it in one go.

And that’s just my tracks alone! All of my fellow bandmates appear on this album in one way or another - Clark Powell contributes six tracks including the excellent opener “Crystalmethequins” which features Astro Kid, and aside from his performances along with Tavia and Mark, Erik Scheele contributes two new tracks of his own.

I haven’t even mentioned all the great art yet! The album features art by a few of my favorite people, including Tavia Morra, Richard Gung, Emery Ferguson, Victoria Grace Elliott, Cari Garafalo, and 8bitkitten. What are you waiting for? This is a really long post to read - listen to Volume 9 right now!


So I did this remix for this guy

and the original song kept changing tempo so I was like

ok I’ll do that too

anyways so this is RetroBution (ohgodwhy remix by Astro Kid)

yes good


I had re-worked this a while ago but never got around to re-uplaoading it. Here is “Glitch Escape”, which is a song that I made for a certain video game. The game is coming out sometime this year I think? And so the soundtrack should come out sometime this year too. This song will be available to download once that comes out. Until then, streaming only, sorry!


I received a video commission to make a video of myself trying to finish all the commissions. This one’s for you Declan Zhang! Features Mark Nabors, Clark Powell, Erik Scheele, and Astro Kid.

Request is as follows: “Bowman locks himself in his music studio room with multiple boxes of his favorite soda and junk foods, dead set on finishing every single one of his SXSW fundraiser songs in one sitting. As time goes on Bowman starts to go insane amongst the piles of finished songs, empty soda cans, and new Homestuck updates. Has it been days? Weeks? Months? Bowman has no idea! At some point he gets so manic that he falls into an obsessive love with Roxy Lalonde.”


(Yep I filmed this one)



SXSW Rehearsals Part 2! If you want to see a bit of footage from our SXSW concert in March you can skip to about 2:43 in the video.


Rebloggin’ for day dudes.


SXSW Rehearsals Part 2! If you want to see a bit of footage from our SXSW concert in March you can skip to about 2:43 in the video.



An interview with me conducted after our free show in Austin, TX

I should point out that the bouncing leg in this video does not belong to me. It was distracting my mom when I showed her the video.


New remix!

Alright so how many of you know who Con Bro Chill is?

What? You don’t?

Fix that. Right now. Go listen to their debut album, “3D Music”, from the top. It’s PRETTY BUMPIN’. Mostly the song “Partied Out!” is the jam of the century.

Anyways here is my remix of their song “Power Happy” from the aforementioned album, this one is another free download! Party on…

Great job dude!

Everyone I Know Has an Album


Alright, a zillion things have come out by friends of mine in the music world and I have completely dropped the ball in terms of re-blogging and plugging their amazing stuff, so let’s say better late than never and break it down!

Thomas Ferkol is a fellow Homestuck music team member whose talent and proficiency as a producer I have mentioned before. His new album, The Earthen Scar, is a mysterious journey through soundscapes that blend orchestral textures with foreboding synths and percussion. If you enjoy his work with Homestuck (“Bargaining With the Beast”, “Galactic Cancer”) I think you’ll find that this album strongly reflects the same dreamy character that has made his tracks so memorable.

Screamcatcher, the dubstep / electro house outfit of Homestuck musician Robert Blaker, has released its second full-length album Do Without. It’s an adrenaline-fueled dance record with some sure-fire raver hits and a few surprises along the way. The record is largely wordless (the few exceptions include the climactic title track) and is easy to imagine woven into a DJ set, which is exactly the kind of thing you can witness if you catch him live in Chicago. 

Last but not least I’ve got to mention The Adaptie Boys, a new team up between Astro Kid and multi-instrumentalist Gabe Alvarez. Their EP, Spies & Ghosts, is a mix of hip-hop and electronica exploring the world of angry ghosts, chill astronauts, and dick-punching spies. Every track seems to come from a different Saturday morning cartoon gone truly wrong, and it’s the bomb.

One more thing to plug that isn’t an album just yet - RJ Lake has done the soundtrack to an utterly chaotic and charming multiplayer game called Omegalodon which involves environmentalists hijacking planes and a 100-foot-tall blue shark monster. If you buy it or download the demo, you can not only hear RJ’s amazing soundtrack full of retro goodness and beatboxing, but you can also stand a chance at playing with me in person since the online community for the game has only just begun.