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Crappy cell phone picture of our session in class today

Crappy cell phone picture of our session in class today


Rob Cantor’s music videos keep getting more and more out there. His sense of humor is difficult to pin down, but the production quality is always high! (Which, in hindsight, might be part of the humor.)

Check out his video for The Rendezvous, and be ready for a roller coaster of emotions.

Don’t forget to buy his album here or here or here, and while you’re at it, check out his band Tally Hall!

EP Progress!!!!!

zamielherbei replied to your post “remember when I used to use tumblr constantly I almost miss it”

i miss you tbh :(

We should hang out soon.

remember when I used to use tumblr constantly

I almost miss it

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I finished up that thing from earlier, instead of it being 30 seconds now it’s 1:30 (man it’s hard packing on the minutes when it’s faster)

Anyway I had fun with parts of it so that was cool

think: courage the cowardly dog/neverhood-ish/polka chase music of sorts, in the middle there’s some sort of interlude that turned out vaguely patriotic and I’m not sure what happened, then back to chase and all, that’s the best I came up with

jit did a music


it’s good

lizawithazed replied to your photoset “Selfie dump b/c I’m vain or something”

where the hell do you get off being so damn gorgeous???


Selfie dump b/c I’m vain or something


It’s a remix of “The City of Sound Machines” from Tales of the Abyss!

A really good remix!!!!!

Hey Malcolm, I'm talking with Tyler Dever about an arrangement I'm working on potentially for the elusive Homestuck Vol. 10, and he's urging me to find out where you got the col legno samples you used in your "Two Steps from Hollow Bastion" arrangement. This thing is turning into a pretty high-stakes production, and I'd love to increase the range of articulations at my disposal.


All those string samples in that particular track were from the EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition. ( Think it was several different stacatto & spicatto layers of Cellos and Violins.

EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, I should’ve known. Maybe I’ll get solatrus to render some stuff for me :D